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Has your house or commercial building in Lindale, Texas suffered from a recent disaster related to water, fire, sewage backup, or something similar?

Pro Clean Restoration can help.

We’re a fire and water restoration company in Lindale, Texas, specializing in home restoration services after water or fire damage.

We offer 24-hour emergency response along with scheduled cleaning services.

If you need cleaning, restoration, or water removal services for your Lindale, TX, home, or business you can count on us to do the job the right way.


How Can Pro Clean Help Me After a Disaster?

If you’re a property owner in Lindale with water or fire damage, our restoration team is ready to get your home or business back to normal.

✅ We will work with your insurance company

✅ We offer immediate assistance with 24-hour emergency service

✅ Our certified technicians will leave your home clean and dry

✅ State of the art equipment allows for full water extraction from floors and walls

Water Damage Restoration

Water can quickly create costly issues in your home or business. If you have poor ventilation or a leaky pipe, water damage can result slowly over time. You may not notice the problem until it’s too late for a quick fix.

In the case of a flood or a burst pipe, water damage takes place quickly and dramatically. If you don’t act fast, the cost of repairs can snowball out of control.
Pro Clean Restoration has performed water cleanups in many Lindale area homes. We’ll remove all standing water and mold growth, as well as any other signs of water damage.

Depending on the amount of water in your home, the water mitigation process can take between 48-72 hours.

Fire Damage Restoration

If your home or business is affected by a Lindale fire, the damage can be devastating. Even parts of your home or business that aren’t completely destroyed may be covered in soot or the smell of smoke.

Pro Clean Restoration has the knowledge and the equipment to restore your home and property to its previous condition, including the most thorough carpet cleaning in Lindale, TX.

About Pro Clean

We are an independently owned and operated restoration company in Lindale, skilled to handle fire damage, water damage, sewage backup, and related damage from a disaster.

At Pro Clean Restoration, we’re well-versed in the restoration processes Lindale residents need.
We can remove almost all evidence of natural disaster and restore your high-traffic carpeted areas. When residue from weather or accidental disaster affects your home or business, mold and other harmful contaminants may spread and create health risks for your family and employees. That’s why you need Pro Clean Restoration on the job at your East Texas home or business.

Contact us today to schedule your next home or business cleaning in Lindale, Texas.