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Air Duct Cleaning in Tyler, TX

In Texas, a house isn’t a home without some air conditioning. We run our AC units constantly for three months (or more) out of the year.

But our air conditioners and heaters can be responsible for introducing dust, bacteria, mold, mites, and pollen into our homes.

The A/C filters, both on the vents in your home and located inside the A/C unit itself, are there to help keep your home free from allergens and other particulate matter. They can’t catch it all, though.

Over time dust, mold, and more begin to build up in your home’s duct system. Large amounts of dust will begin to collect in your ductwork. Over time, heat and humidity will cause mold to grow in them, too.

Eventually, you’ll need to either perform a vent cleaning yourself or hire an air duct cleaning company.

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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Tyler, TX

Proclean Restoration is the first choice for air duct cleaning in Tyler and all of East Texas. We have over 25 years of experience helping East Texans keep their homes and A/C ventilation systems free from dust, mold, allergens, and airborne particulate matter.

HVAC duct cleaning can be challenging to perform by yourself. It’s easy to miss dust and mold deeper in your heating and cooling system. Even worse, if an AC vent cleaning is performed improperly, it may introduce more allergens and airborne particles to your home.

A professional air conditioning duct cleaning service can help. We have the training, experience, and equipment to get your air ducts spotless and defend your house from dust, mites, mold, and allergens.

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Negative Pressure Ductwork Cleaning

Proclean Restoration uses a negative pressure HVAC cleaning system when they clean your dirty air ducts. Negative pressure cleaning allows us to guarantee that we’ve cleared your vents and home of pathogens, particles, mites, and whatever else may have crawled into your air ducts.

Negative pressure duct cleaning is a method of air vent cleaning that traps dust, mold, and allergens. During the cleaning process, your A/C vents are sealed by suction so that all of the dust trapped in your A/C ducts gets removed.

When Proclean Restoration cleans your A/C vents, you can rest assured that the dust, mold, and bacteria that’s built up in them are removed from your home entirely.

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Why Should I Get My A/C Ducts Cleaned?

Improved Indoor Air Quality

You’d be surprised how dirty A/C vents can get. You’d probably also be surprised but just what can get into those vents. All of that dust and mold goes through your vents, into your living spaces, and contaminates the air in your home. An A/C vent cleaning will fix that.

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Keep your home spotless

When you have dirty ventilation ducts, your HVAC system will blow the dust, mold, bacteria, and everything else into your home whenever you turn it on. Aside from spreading germs and bacteria, this will get dust on your furniture, floors, and counters. We’ve seen clients cut the need to dust their homes in half after a vent cleaning service.

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Lower electricity bills

Dirty vents inhibit the airflow through them. If your vents and ducts are dirty, your A/C unit will have to work harder to keep your house cool. Clean A/C vents and ducts will allow air to flow better, which will save you money.

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Pests, rodents, and small animals

You wouldn’t believe the number of times we’ve found mice, roaches, termites, and other pests inside a person’s ventilation system. Pests and animals will hide in your ventilation system, leaving droppings, nests, and more in them. Proclean Restoration will make sure we get rid of them for you.

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When Should I Get My A/C Ducts Cleaned?

If you see mold inside the ducts

It’s time to call Proclean Restoration if you see mold inside your A/C ductwork. If you notice mold on and around your vents, it’s also a pretty good bet that you need a good cleaning service.

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Vents and ducts are clogged

If your A/C unit doesn’t seem to be blowing evenly throughout your house, it may be due to dust and debris clogging your ducts. A good vent cleaning will help increase airflow and ensure your whole house stays cool.

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There are signs of vermin or pests

If you see droppings around vents or hear scurrying overhead, you may have an infestation in your air ducts. Call Proclean Restoration immediately, and we’ll make sure to get rid of the mice, cockroaches, bats, or other rodents infesting your HVAC ventilation system.

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It’s been 4-5 year since your last cleaning

You should get your HVAC system and ductwork cleaned at least once every four or five years. If you haven’t cleaned your ducts, there’s a chance your A/C unit is blowing the dust, mold, and bacteria built up inside it into your home.

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