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A/C Duct Cleaning

Pro Clean is one of the only companies in East Texas to offer an Air Duct and HVAC Cleaning service. It seems obvious to wipe the dust from tables and counters and to vacuum dirt up from your carpets, but many people never think to have their air conditioner ducts cleaned. Even with air filters, dust and allergens can gather in the ducts above your head. 

At Pro Clean, we use a three step negative pressure method to completely clean your home or business’ air ducts: 

  1. We seal off your entire duct system and attach our commercial sized negative air machine. This machine creates a strong suction back towards our high quality HEAP air filter.
  2. We send our powered, spinning duct cleaning whip through each individual air duct. This removes any built up dust, dirt, and allergens that are not caught by our negative pressure machine.
  3. Once all your air ducts are clean, we go back through with a deodorizer and a thermal fog that attaches itself to the inside of the air ducts to help prevent future buildup. 

Give us a call today for a free estimate on Air Duct Cleaning or any of our other cleaning services. Mention our website and receive 10% off.