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Professional Carpet Cleaning Company In Tyler, TX

Renew your home’s carpet with the best professional carpet cleaning services in Tyler.

Pro Clean Restoration has been keeping Tyler’s carpets clean for 25 years and counting. Whether your carpets are stained from years of use or have been matted down with time, we can help restore them to like-new condition fast.

Have a furry family member? Our professional carpet cleaners can also clean out pet hair and dander deep inside the pile of the carpet, leaving behind beautiful carpets and rugs free from allergens, dirt, and dander.

Carpet shampooing alone won’t get the job all the way done. A simple carpet shampoo only removes surface-level dirt, stains, and pet hair. Pro Clean Restoration’s carpet cleaning process was developed to clean all the way down to the mat.

No matter how dirty your carpets are, we’ll get them looking like new. Contact us today to get a free carpet cleaning quote.


Home Carpet Cleaners In Tyler, TX

Almost every home has at least some carpeted flooring. It’s affordable, comfortable, economical, and can match any color scheme--at least for a while. Unfortunately, carpeting is one of the most difficult types of flooring to clean and maintain. It gets dirty and worn over the years. Accidents leave stains. Animals leave hair.

A professional carpet cleaning will restore your carpeting. Pro Clean will deep clean your carpets, getting rid of stains, dirt, allergens, pet hair, and year of foot traffic. Contact us today to get your free quote and get ready to love your carpets again.


Commercial Carpet Cleaners In Tyler, TX

Commercial carpeting is prone to some of the hardest use possible. Though commercial carpet is designed to withstand daily use by multiple individuals, it still gets dirty and accidents that discolor your carpet can become a real stain on your business’s reputation.

Pro Clean’s professional carpet washers will restore your business’s carpet, saving you time, money. Clean commercial carpets will project an image of cleanliness and success to both your employees and potential customers. Contact Pro Clean today to get your free carpet cleaning quote.


Rug Cleaning In Tyler, TX

Have a large area rug that needs some care and attention? Pro Clean Restoration also offers professional rug cleaning. A beautiful rug will really tie the room together, but they’re prone to the same problems as traditional carpeting. Over the years, they’ll will get worn down by traffic, become discolored, or stained after a few accidents.

Our rug cleaners will help restore your area rugs to like-new condition. Our deep cleaning process will get rid of surface and deep-down stains. Contact us today to get your free quote for an area rug cleaning.


Carpet Cleaner

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

Pro Clean Restoration company has been providing carpet cleaning in Tyler, TX since 1996. In those years, we’ve learned a lot about how to get carpets cleaned. We developed of deep cleaning process throughout the years. It includes:

Don’t Take A Chance On A Franchise Carpet Cleaner

Hire the local carpet cleaners with 25 years of experience.

Pro Clean has earned a reputation as the best carpet cleaner in Tyler, Texas because we produce results that amaze homeowners and businesses daily. 
Twenty-five years of experience means that we’ve seen it all and can handle any stain.

Contact us today for your free quote.